These are some of the brands that rely on our work. With them we work side by side to be able to act in time to the trends of their markets.
We accompany and advise them in terms of their brand communication to achieve their desired goals and obtain favourable results.


Our success is based on human relationships and openness with our clients.


Aloha is transparency


LANUBA is a high quality biocertified natural cosmetics brand. Its first lines –Virtuous & Grace– contain an exclusive and revolutionary ingredient, the strawberry seed oil. We have managed the launch of the brand nationwide and created a relationship between Lanuba Cosmetics and the beauty and lifestyle media. In addition to creating original content for their social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and blog..



La Pecera is more than an ice-cream shop. It opened just one year ago and its soft serve ice-cream has stirred up Instagram and Madrid’s streets. At the agency, we have took the control of their social networks, following its style and look but adding fresh and cool new graphic material. At the same time and occasionally, we develope and distribute press releases to lifestyle media with novelties and the latest flavours of their homemade Taiyakis. Without a doubt, the most famous fishes from Malasaña have arrived to stay long.



Agua Nº9 is mineral natural artesian water from the north of Europe. Its low sodium content and balanced mineral composition make it a quality and refreshing water, especially good from more than 150 millions of years. A portion of pure nature in a transparent can tube.


This premium beverage had a pure packaging and a flawless brand image, however, they need to set a social networks strategy. Following its identity, at Aloha, we have created a singular and attractive content searching its target likes/lifestyle on Instagram and Facebook.



LA RUE CREPERIE A little bit of Paris in Madrid where to taste a wide variety and the best crepes – sweet and salty – from Malasaña. When you get inside La Rue the time stands still. Its light, vintage deco and the smell of a crepe freshly made makes you fly to the French capital.

La Rue needed a support in their social networks profiles and communication in precise moments to reinforce their positioning in a very important moment for them, the opening of two new restaurants. In Aloha, we have set a social media strategy, adding new audiovisual material and growing up its posting frequency. As well as, we have created gastronomy experiences exclusively to lifestyle media to launch its new spaces.



GÜELA MANUELA is the first and only milk liquor in the world. Only three people know the recipe that has survived generations. The creator? The Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of a family from León (Spain).
The liquor needed a relaunch. After listening to their needs, we have designed a PR strategy including social networks to enhance their values; supported with press releases and sending product samples to gourmet and lifestyle media editors. The result is that we have positioned Güela Manuela in its target audience.